40 Easter Gifts


Easter is an important time for Christians as they commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Traditionally, Easter was observed by holding a solemn assembly on Good Friday and then a celebration of the resurrection on Easter Monday. While people still celebrate Easter by attending church services, they also have lavish family meals and engage in gift-giving as well as egg decorations.

Choosing the best Easter gifts

For many people, Easter is not complete without bunnies, eggs, chocolates, and baskets. But where did these traditions come from and why do they dictate the type of gifts one should give and or expect to receive over Easter?

Because Easter occurs during the Spring season which is thought to signify new beginnings, Easter gifts are intended to capture this aspect of renewal. Since medieval times, eggs have been given as gifts during Spring festivals because they are thought to represent new life and rebirth. It is believed that this ancient custom is what led to the popularity of giving eggs as gifts during Easter. Over the years, people moved from giving actual eggs and started crafting eggs made out of chocolates. So egg-shaped chocolates, candy, or any other sugary treats are considered ideal Easter gifts.

The Easter bunny shows similarities to Christmas Santa. He is part of a legend that tells of a mythical creature that would carry colored eggs, candy, and toys in a basket to reward children. The bunny would then hide these gifts and the children would need to look for them on Easter morning. It is this legend that gave rise to the modern-day popular Easter egg hunt. Great gifts you can give to make this egg hunt possible include paints to color the eggs, baskets that can act as gift stuffers, and small toys such as fidget spinners, cars, or play-doh.

How we identified the best Easter gifts

We identified gifts that keep to the modern way of celebrating Easter and picked egg-themed items such as a decorative egg tree that’s great for lighting up during Easter. We also chose an egg centerpiece which is a wire mesh with a provision to display your artistically painted Easter eggs and egg-shaped almond nuts covered in chocolate to cater to those sugary cravings. 

For the fine dining that is bound to happen as part of Easter celebrations, we selected the very exquisite emerald green and gold egg-shaped caviar server as well as the egg-shaped silver-plated flatware that can store up to 24 pieces of cutlery. We know there are bound to be some outdoor activities, such as the Easter egg hunt, so we selected a large picnic basket where you can pack up all your meals and essentials as you head outdoors.

We did not forget the wildly popular Easter baskets and we selected a premium fruit basket that is laden with various sweets and treats as well as bunny baskets that are light enough for children to carry during the egg hunt. 

Tips for buying the best Easter gifts

  1. It doesn’t have to be expensive
    The best thing about Easter gifts is that they are pretty much predetermined and are quite affordable. Even if all you can afford is some candy or confectionery, your gift will be well received.
  2. Make it unique
    Whether you are buying some eggs, baskets, or bunny regalia, look for the most unique items that you can find. You can make your gift, though similar to others, really stand out from the rest.
  3. Get interactive gifts
    Be it an egg painting kit, a bunny silicone mold, or a LEGO building kit, the best gifts for Easter are those that can be enjoyed by more than one person. Get a gift that will bring the family together over an engaging activity.